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What is Precision casting

Precision casting is a casting method relative to the traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision. The more common practice is: first design and manufacture a mold according to the product requirements (with very little or no margin), cast wax by casting, and obtain the original wax mold; repeat the coating and sanding on the wax mold Process, hardening the shell and drying; then melt the internal wax mold to dewax and obtain the cavity; roast the shell to obtain sufficient strength; pour the required metal materials; High-precision finished product. According to product needs or heat treatment and cold working.

Like general casting process design, the tasks of investment casting process design are:

(1) Analyze the manufacturability of the casting structure;

(2) Select a reasonable process plan, determine the relevant casting process parameters, and draw the casting diagram on the basis of the above;

(3) Design the pouring system and determine the module structure.

Investment casting process flow

sd (1)

Mold design - mold manufacturing

sd (2)

wax injection - wax repair - wax inspection

The process begins with production of a heat disposable pattern. This pattern is usually made by injecting wax into a metal die or mold. Pattern is injected in Horizontal Automatic Injection Machine.

sd (3)

Pattern assembling

sd (4)

Dewaxing (steam dewaxing)

sd (5)

mold shell roasting

sd (6)

Pouring (pouring molten steel in the mold shell)

sd (7)

Casting gate cutting and grinding

sd (8)

Shot blasting

sd (9)

Measurement control

sd (10)

Final inspection and packing

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We are your good development partner, willing to share our thoughts and ideas about product design, material choice, measurements or machining

Casting Materials & Finishes

Materials: 300 and 400 series stainless steels, copper or brass, Nickel, tool steels, carbon steels, low alloy steels…

Finishes: Sandblasting, polishing, powerder coating, painting, plating

View some Examples of Our CNC Machinined parts

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