How to reduce machining costs in CNC machining

CNC machining, is to use CNC machining centers or CNC lathes to engrave or mill the raw material into the final part or product shape.  Star Machining Company has been focusing on parts processing for 15 years, and has accumulated rich processing experience in CNC machining parts. When we do CNC machining parts, generally follow the following principles to reduce costs.

1. First rough machining and then precision machining to ensure accuracy and surface finish;

2. First machine the surface and then machine the hole;

3. The hole should be milled first, and then drilled if it cannot be milled. It is best if it can be made at one time on the CNC machining center, which can reduce the time of repeated clamping and the error caused by positioning;

4. For cavity products, to machine the inner cavities first, and then machine the outer shape;

5. The order of the processes is different, and the diameter of the machining tool is also different from large to small;

6. Putting the same fixtures and fixtures together can reduce the cost of making fixtures and the time for repeated clamping;

7. Thin products should be rough machining first, and then fine machining after a period of time, which can reduce deformation;

8. The heat-treated products should be roughed first, leaving a margin for heat treatment, and then come back for fine machining

9. For products requiring surface treatment (such as oxidation, electroplating, powder spraying, etc.), a margin should be reserved according to the corresponding surface treatment during processing to ensure that the surface treatment can meet the size requirements of customers.

10. The parameter setting is the main and the auxiliary.

There are many materials and manufacturing processes involved in CNC machining parts, and various problems will be encountered during the machining process.  We can we deal with it calmly when we have more experience. Star Machining company has a professional and accurate engineer team with 15 years of experience in CNC machining parts, good at processing complex multi-faceted products, dare to challenge others to do what they do not want to do!

Post time: Jun-15-2022