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Founded in 2002, located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province of China, Dongguan Star Machining Technology Co., Limited specializes in precision-machined components and molds developing & manufacturing from the aerospace industry to custom projects. We continue to focus on quality and customer service as we upgrade our capabilities and extend our capacities by acquiring more capable and efficient machinery and equipment.

Star Machining works with a large variety of materials including steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, delrin, lexan and others. Our reputation is built on over 15 years of continuous excellent service, providing top quality CNC milling, CNC turning, precision casting, injection molding and precision engineering to a diverse range of clients.

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To be your preferred supplier excelled in engineering solutions in domestic and international markets.

To help customers to achieve and keep the leading position in their business and to increase industrial productivity and quality.

We can be a one-stop source for machining and molding, die-casting and assembly if you wish.

We can supply material certifications and certificates of conformance with any order at no charge.

We treat every project with unique consideration.

We never stop learning; there is always room for improvement.

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Dongguan Star Machining Technology Co., Limited. Is a full-service machining and molding manufacturer excelling in CNC machining and injection molding services. With 15 years of experience, we have gained good reputation and attract a lot of customers in domestic and overseas market. We strongly believe in delivering quality through commitment, work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from idea all the way to customer defined finished products.

Our commitments is precision quality, one time delivery, and overall excellence in the production of machined parts and injetion & casting molds as required by our customer.

● On-Time delivery & High quality level.

● Effective development advice & Technical expertise

● Diverse manufacturing capability &.Complete project management.

● Wide-ranging customer base.

● Prototype, batch and volume production.

● Competitive pricing & Obligation free quotes.

● Not just a supplier, but a valued business partner.

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We love our clients and they love working with Star Machining Technology Company. The companies below have co-operations with in Star Machining as a valued, trusted, strategic PR company. They enjoy increased visibility, credibility and profits as a result of our public relations campaigns.

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--N Farran

Wow! I am impressed with your speed and efficiency.

--Duke E.

It`s enjoying to work with Star Machining, they make our cooperation very easy and happy.

--Alison Cain

Star Machining`s work is very good, they are very reliable and pleasant to work with and make my job easy.

--Mats Eurenius

Star Machining is so perfect; they have a wonderful professional team with great service. I really appreciate our cooperation.

--J. Brown

The products and service provided by Star Machining are of a high standard and are very competitively prices, However, it is the continuing excellence of the support team at Star machining which has allowed me to perform my shock absorber without delays or problems…. All parts were experimentally tested …. We were very pleased with this excellent and effective service.